FIG Services offers a snapshot of future medical damages & costs for non-catastrophic cases... the Medical Damages Assessment (MDA).

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An MDA is requested by attorneys when planning during the initial stages of a case (anticipating future medical damages), preparation for mediation, and negotiating during the settlement process. An MDA is also requested by insurance carriers when setting reserves, re-adjusting reserves, or planning for settlement.

  • ONLY $499
  • Minimize your expenses on the case
  • Get a snapshot of medical damages & costs
  • No lengthy reports
  • Report in 5 days or less (rush available in 24 hours)
  • Not available for expert witness designation

The MDA is completed by nurses with 20+ years experience in life care planning, Medicare Set-Asides, and case management. Since we've been doing this for years, why not pick our brains - pay for expert services at a consulting rate.

We FIGure your medical damages for less!

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